Holistic Marketing Meaning, Concepts, Example, and Importance

Holistic Marketing

Interestingly, there are 100+ different types of marketing tactics to promote your business faster than your competitors in the market.

At the same time, the marketing environment is changed every day by day.

So which one is the best for you?

The well-known Greek astrologer Aristotle once said, “The whole is more than the sum of its parts.”

A business is just like an electronic gadget, it will always be bigger than the sum of its parts. Gadgets are worked well when all several types of parts work together toward the same purpose.

The holistic marketing concept is a part of marketing concepts and it can be referred as a marketing strategy that considers the whole of the business and not as an interconnected entity and where all other business departments come together to create a positive and united business image in customer’s minds.

The holistic marketing concept works on the philosophy of holism with the satisfaction of users by a better experience. Ever successful marketers might use holistic marketing once in their marketing life.

The trends and forces have explained the new essential marketing philosophy born in the first stage of the 21st century.

All other marketing concepts such as exchange, production, product, selling, and marketing concept that mixed, and discovered a new renowned concept called holistic marketing.

Implementation of all the components is in a synchronized method.

Holistic’ means Everything Together.

This philosophy gains popularity because it helps to convert your business into a brand in the customer’s minds.

Some people think that holistic marketing is challenging, but if your main purpose is to solve customer’s problems, then this is a piece of cake for you.

What is Holistic Marketing?

According to the Business Dictionary,

The holistic marketing concept is a marketing strategy is that is developed by thinking about the business as a whole, its place in the broader economy and society, and in the lives of its customers.

Holistic Marketing Concept

It pretends to expand and maintain multiple perspectives on the company’s commercial activities.

A business may use holistic marketing when they think that all criteria of its marketing strategy are interrelated.

Holistic Marketing acknowledges that ‘Everything Matters’ in marketing. In this concept, everything works in an integrated manner.

It believes that a broad, integrated perspective, and worked collectively into each and every aspect of the whole business, is often reasonable to create the best result.

This philosophy achieves popularity by a high saturation rate and increased competition in the marketplace.

It identifies the scope and complexities of marketing activities. According to branding legend Ron Strauss, now elusive assets represent 84% of a company’s market value, but they only made up 17% of a company’s market value in 1975, less than 50 years ago.

It depends on the development, design, and implementation of marketing programs, processes, and activities that clearly reveals their breadth and inter-dependencies.

The process of holistic marketing takes place when stakeholders, customers, employees, suppliers, and the community are creating and implementing marketing strategy together.

Features of Holistic Marketing:

  • A Common Goal: In the holistic marketing concept, businesses focus on every part and aspect in business activates towards one common goal to give a better user experience.
  • Aligned Activates: All services, processes, communication, and activates in business aligned with one single goal for great user experience.
  • Integrated Activates: All business activates are designed and organized in such a way that helps to create a unified, consistent, and seamless customer experience.

Components of Holistic Marketing Concept:

Holistic Marketing
Holistic Marketing Concept

The holistic marketing concept follows that kind of marketing tactic which is customer-oriented. It helps to continue the great relationship with employees, existing customers, and communication to create a brand. It also keeps in mind the societal responsibility of the business.

Relationship Marketing:

Relationship Marketing
Relationship Marketing Concept

Nowadays, the main purpose of marketing is to build an intense, long-lasting relation with the users and originations that are directly and indirectly related to the success and failure of the business activities.

It helps to create a mutually satisfying enduring relation with four key pieces of stuff such as customers, employees, marketing partners (channels, suppliers, distributors, dealers, agencies) and members of the financial community (shareholders, investors, analysts) in the order to earn and retain their business.

To develop a relationship with these constituents then requires understanding the strength and provision, needs, goals, focus, and desires.

This philosophy declines to focus on your short terms goals, like single sales and customer acquisition. But these are also helpful for increasing sales and sustaining your business.

But it is not helpful for long term vision.

If you want to grow your business then long term vision is essential. But it is not customer acquisition which helps you to retain your business long.

This is customer retention. Amazon Co. also follows it.

This method allows focusing on existing customers to build strong and familiar relations with them.

For the first time, you lay out some money to acquire them. If your product and services fulfill the customer’s needs then they come back for more.

If your existing customers love you then they will spread your business like a fire flam with the word of mouth. You have not any kind of ad campaign to promote your business.

The ultimate profit of relationship marketing is to create a network called marketing network which helps to make the backbone of four constituents. The method is yet simple if you are loyal to them.

Companies give offers, services, and messages to old customers, based on the information of past transactions, demographics, psychographics, and media and distribution preferences.

Ex- if you are organized a birthday party in a restaurant, then you notice that that fills up a form to you to collect your contact number, email id, and other related information for wishing birthday boy on the next birthday by giving some types of offers and sales.

IBM (International Business Machines) learns us about the value of strong relations with customers.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos once said,

Customer is the king I’m the servant.

Relationship marketing features:

  • Strategies focused on existing customers
  • Builds company customer relationship
  • Assists in customer retention & driving sales

Integrated Marketing:

Integrated Marketing
Integrated Marketing Concept

It is the way to creating the importance of a consistent, seamless, and multi-dimensional brand experience for the consumers.

This philosophy occurs when the marketer imagines marketing activities and assembles marketing programs to generate, communicate, and play value for the consumers.

Two key elements are that

  • Many different marketing activities and programs can create, communicate, and deliver.
  • Marketers should sketch and accomplish anyone’s marketing work with all other marketing works in the head.

Whatever your business model is it must exhibit an integrated channel strategy. It should count every marketing channel’s choice for its integrated effect on product sales and brand equity as well as its indirect effect in interaction with marketing channels.

In integrated marketing, all communication such as advertising, sales promotion, public relation, direct marketing online marketing, and digital marketing all reinforce together to create a strong and focused brand image. It also helps in PR and Web site communications contributes on to improve its own and others.

Integrated marketing features:

  • All communication centered around focused brand image
  • Utilization of traditional and digital communication
  • Maintains a consistent look and feel across all media

Internal Marketing:

Internal Marketing
Internal Marketing Concept

If you want to fly up your business and create a brand then I suggest that you also focus on internal marketing. Many companies missed it if you follow them then you miss big revenue.

In the marketing world, you are also heard about the service triangle.

If not then stay tuned.

In the service triangle, there are three components (Internal, External, and Interaction marketing) interacting among Merchant, Employees, and Customers.

In every business, there are two types of customers: Internal and External. External customers should be the top priority for every business. But sometimes internal customers (Employees) suffer from lack of notice, which plays an important role in products and services for external customers.

In this concept, employees and staff are hired, trained, and motivated on the company’s prospect and value just as invectively as external customers.

According to an American Express survey, 78% of consumers have granted a sales transaction because they accepted poor customer service.

It also helps to identify the efforts of employees to enhance the performance of the company.

Internal marketing features:

  • Employees treated as internal customers
  • Brand is marked internally
  • Forces everyone to ” Think Customer “

Societal marketing:

Societal Marketing
Societal Marketing Concept

The concept of societal marketing holds that a marketer has to make better marketing strategies by considering society’s welfare, company requirements, and customer demand.

Societal marketing means how marketers gave a try to change social policy, how they will take part in social activities, how they will invest their time and money to grow their business in society.

Societal marketing is about the development of society and human welfare.

It focuses on what is responsible for business in society.

Societal marketing creates a big public image of the company in its customer’s minds by this, increases sales. It holds the companies responsibility to look upon society’s welfare.

It shows that a marketer should always take care of society’s welfare to achieve its mission and vision. In the modern world, the government bans those companies whose actions are against society’s wellbeing.

It is always asked questions by the government that most of the companies only focus on their customer satisfaction but what about society’s welfare?

Ex- Lots of people liked tobacco products but these types of products are full of health concerns.

So the companies have to put society’s welfare at the top then the consumers need and the company’s requirements.

Societal Marketing features:

  • Focuses on business ethics and philanthropic partnerships
  • Encourage positive impact on stakeholders
  • Keeps a check on misleading & unethical communication

Performance Marketing:

Performance Marketing
Performance Marketing Concept

In performance marketing, it is a wide term in the marketing world that appertain to digital marketing, online marketing, email marketing, and advertising programs in which advertisers pay marketing companies.

Top management is going beyond sales revenue to examine the marketing scorecard and interpret what is happening to market scorecard and interpret what is happening to market share, customer’s loss rate, customer satisfaction, product quality, and other measures.

Top marketers are also considering their legal, ethical, social, and environmental effects of marketing activities and programs.

Performance marketing features:

  • Appertain to digital marketing, and online marketing, etc
  • Analyze the marketing activities
  • Legal, ethical, social, and environmental effects of marketing activities and programs.

Example of Holistic Marketing:

Amazon is the perfect example of holistic marketing. Their products and services are made by keeping in the mind of customer’s needs.

The product is branded in a proper or organized manner.

At first, they delivered their product in everyone’s home and reduced the customer’s efforts. And after the amazon prime, they create a service called same-day delivery. Your local shop can’t do this but Amazon does it.

Customers didn’t request that they want amazon prime but Amazon create this service happy their users.

Importance of Holistic Marketing:

There are number of usage of holistic marketing. These are

Brand Building:

According to a study, we saw earlier that the company’s brand and other intangible assist made up about 84% of the S&P market value in 2015 which is a 67% increase from 1975.

The customer’s approach is changing day to day. When they buy product or services then they buy this brand also. Today customer wants those companies who takes care and fulfill their needs.

Holistic marketing helps to create a strong, positive, and unify brand among all four constituents which are discus in pervious.


Consistency is one of the vital things in marketing.

If you want to go far in business and any other aspect of life then it will help you a lot.

Holistic marketing helps to empower marketing activities that are featured by stakeholders and other constituents.


Holistic marketing works when all elements of business work together and take care of, it is much easier to reduce the duplication of effort which helps you make business more efficient and save time and money both.

It supports easier to gain opportunities and take advantage of them, and find the potential risks and address them before they pretend a real threat to the organization.


The holistic marketing concept focuses to create a synergy that effectively reinforces the bigger brand message and image, and positions the brand uniquely in the minds of the customers.

The Holistic Marketing Diagram:

The holistic marketing philosophy diagram is a technic that helps you to create a blueprint of your business in holistic approach.

There are three value related activities in this diagram.

Value Exploration:

Through this, you have a chance of creating value for your business. You need to understand that the describing three spaces which are interacting together.

  • Consumer’s cognitive space
  • Organization’s competence space
  • Collaborator’s resource space

Consumer’s cognitive space mentions to your existing customer’s needs as well as other dimensions such as the need for freedom, stability, participation, and change.

The organization’s competency space mentions the capabilities of your organizations.

Collaborator’s resource space mentions the capability of the organization to work with other organizations to either enforce the value creation or the opportunities of the market.

 These three spaces help to create brand value.

Value Creation:

Previous told about the three spaces which help to create value creation.

The main term during this step is to aware of the customer’s point of view and the customer’s needs.

This is done by observing what thing customer attract with, and whom they praise.

Value Delivery:

But at the end of everything, the organization has to actually deliver value to the customers.

The organization builds better relationships with customers and delivers value.


Hope this helps you understand that what it takes to be a master in holistic marketing which helps you building a brand.

What did you think of this? Do I miss something? Let us know if you want to add something to the list then comment in the comments section.

Holistic Marketing FAQ:

What do you mean by holistic marketing?

The holistic marketing concept is a marketing strategy is that is developed by thinking about the business as a whole, its place in the broader economy and society, and in the lives of its customers.

What is holistic marketing example?

Amazon is the perfect example of holistic marketing. Their products and services are made by keeping in the mind of customer’s needs.

What are the five components of holistic marketing?

The five components are
(1) Relationship Marketing, (2) Integrated Marketing, (3) Internal Marketing, (4) Societal Marketing, and (5) Performance Marketing

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    Holistic Marketing Meaning, Concepts, Example, and Importance

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