4 Types of Planning: Strategic, Tactical, Operational, Contingency

Types of Planning

The foundation of every successful organization is well-organized planning. Planning helps to organize priorities and resources. Planning directly helps in increasing productivity level which affects the success of an organization.

So, planning is very necessary because it uplifts the organization’s profit and reduces the risk of failure.

When the leadership of any business is in trouble, there are often problems in the business’s plan.

In an organization, every person clearly understands what is real purpose before the plan is ever put in motion.

There are four types of planning in the level of management. While there are many types of planning the major planning are (1) strategic, (2) tactical, (3) operational, and (4) contingency planning.

Today we discuss these four types of planning below.

So, let’s dive in.

4 Types of Planning

1. Strategic Planning:

One of the foremost plans in the management industry is strategic planning. It is the foundation of a successful organization.

It gives the instruction for the important decisions in the organization. Strategic plans have a huge potential to change the definition of success of an organization.

It always gives a big spectrum of long term vision make within the organization.

2. Tactical Planning:

Tactical planning is the backbone of the strategic plans. It gives the right tactic to fulfill strategic plans in an organization.

In tactical planning, the primary question comes about what it will take to achieve goals or objectives which are fixed in the strategic plan. And the second question is how the organization will fulfill these goals.

Strategic planning helps to create long term vision or goals, but tactical planning creates focused short term vision. Scientific study says that short term goals are easier to accomplish than long term goals. So, you confidently speak that strategic planning is the shadow of tactical plans.

This planning is way more flexible than any other; it breaks the long term goals down into several parts and assigns tasks to complete goals smoothly and timely.

3. Operational Planning:

It is all about the guidelines of how to accomplish the mission which is set.

Operation plans generally convey the day to day activities in an organization. It is also described as the ongoing or single-use. On-going plans are creating policies for imminent problems, rules, and regulations to achieve a specific objective. Single-use plans are created for one time plans (like – Single ads campaign) and events.

4. Contingency Planning:

The main reason for doing planning is to get rid of the upcoming problems. Contingency plans are for this uncertain situation when all other plans can’t work.

It is important when an unexpected situation comes or a major change needs to be made to continue workflow towards the goals.

Every leader should understand the importance of having contingency plans to achieve maximized success and minimized the risk of failure.

To make a sustainable and successful company, leaders should understand these four types of planning.


What did you think of this? Do I miss something? Come on! Let us know if you want to add something to the list.

Types of Planning FAQ:

What are four types of planning?

There are many types of planning, the major planning are (1) Strategic, (2) Tactical, (3) Operational, and (4) Contingency planning.

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